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BPM Configuration

Deferring conditional event checking

As of v2.8.7.

Within a period defined by the config parameter bpmnPendingDeferPeriod ("6 hours" by default) pending conditional event nodes are being checked as soon as possible. After that period they will be checked with an interval defined by the parameter bpmnPendingDeferIntervalPeriod ("10 minutes" by default). This is an optimization measure.

If the entity is updated, it will make nodes related to that entity to be checked one time regardless whether the defer period is passed.

Pending event checking limit

The config parameter bpmnProceedPendingMaxSize (20000 by default) limits max number of pending flows that can be processed. Consider increasing it if you usually have a large number of active processes.

Multi-instance sub-process limit

The max number of sub-process instances (within a multi-instance sub-process) is defined by the config parameter bpmnSubProcessInstanceMaxCount. The default value is 20.