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EspoCRM supports Google Maps out of the box.

Google Maps

Api Key

You need to specify Api Key to use Google Maps (Administration > Integration > Google Maps).

Geocoding API, Maps JavaScript API, Maps Static API must be enabled in Google Maps Platform.

Showing map for address field

As a field on detail view

Every Address field has its corresponding Map field. All you need is to put it on Detail layout. It uses Google Maps service.

Administration > Layout Manager > Select entity type > Detail > Drag & Drop Map field.

Make the cell wide using the minus sign.

You can also configure the height of your field.

Administration > Entity Manager > Choose entity > Fields > find the map field and click on it > edit the height and save.

In modal dialog

As of v5.8.

Administration > Entity Manager > Click on the needed entity type > Click on the needed address field (e.g. Billing Address) > Check View Map Button and save.

View Map button should appear under the address field on the detail view. Note, that the address should contain either a city or postal code.

Printing in PDF

As of v5.9.2.

googleMapsImage helper is availabe for printing Google Maps in PDF.

Usage (in PDF Template):


Printing a specific address field:

{{googleMapsImage field='shippingAddress'}}

Printing a specific address:

{{googleMapsImage city='New York' country='United States'}}

Available options:

  • field
  • size - 300x300
  • zoom - integer value
  • language
  • street
  • city
  • state
  • postalCode
  • country


{{googleMapsImage size='400x400'}}