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PO file

Generating PO file

You need to have node installed and installed project dependencies with npm install.

Build po file with the following command:

node po.js en_EN

(specify the needed language instead of en_EN)

The file will be created in the build directory.

After that you can translate the generated po file. You can use some utilities or service for PO file translating.

Building language files from PO file

Build json files from the translated po file:

  1. Put your po file espocrm-en_EN.po into build directory
  2. Run node lang.js en_EN

(use your language instead of en_EN)

Json files will be created in build directory grouped by folders.

You can test your translation by copying generated JSON files into your EspoCRM directory.

Adding new language

The available language list is specified in metadata > app > language.

To add a new language create a file custom/Espo/Custom/Resources/metadata/app/language.json:

    "list": [

Where lg_LG is a IETF language tag. 'lg' is the language code specified by ISO 639, 'CN' is a country code specified by ISO 3166.

Clear cache after that (Administration > Clear Cache). The language will be available at Administration > Settings and user's preferences.