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Sometimes it's reasonable to execute some actions in background. For example, when sending an email, to prevent a user to wait until sending is processed.


use Espo\Core\Job\JobSchedulerFactory;
use Espo\Core\Job\QueueName;

/** @var JobSchedulerFactory $jobSchedulerFactory */
    ->setClassName($jobClassName) // should implement `Espo\Core\Job\Job` interface
    ->setQueue(QueueName::Q0) // optional
    ->setGroup('some-group-name') // optional
        'someKey' => $someValue,

You can pass JobSchedulerFactory as a constructor dependency.


namespace Espo\Custom\MyJobs;

use Espo\Core\Job\Job;
use Espo\Core\Job\Job\Data;

class MyJob implements Job
     public function __construct(/* pass needed dependencies */)

     public function run(Data $data): void
         // job logic here


Jobs within a queue are processed one by one.

Queues available out of the box:

  • e0 – intended for email sending; run as often as possible;
  • q0 – for general use; run as often as possible;
  • q1 – for general use; run every minute.

Portion size is controller by config parameters.


A group name can be any string with max length of 128 characters. Jobs with the same group name are processed one by one.