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Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base provides the ability to create articles. Articles are supposed to contain information about products for customers or help for CRM users to improve their productivity.

To make an article available in the portal you need to set its status to 'Published' and select the portal in the Portals field. Make sure that the portal role allows an access to Knowledge Base and the navigation menu tab is added in the portal.

If you specify Expiration Date, then the article will be automatically hidden from the portal on that date.

An order in which articles are listed can be manipulated by actions in the dropdown menu of a specific article.

Knowledge Base articles can be related with Case records, providing a quick access to information from a case record.


Categories allow to group articles. One category can contain multiple sub-categories. Each article can be related to one or multiple categories.

Knowledge Base Category is a separate entity type, hence an access can be controlled by ACL Roles.