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All internal users can manage their dashboards: add or remove dashlets and tabs, edit dashlet options.

Admin can edit dashboards of other users. On the user detail view, click the Preferences item from the dropdown at the top-right corner. There, you can find Dashboard Layout.

Users can reset their dashboard layout to the default. On the Preferences edit view, click the Reset Dashboard to Default item from the dropdown next to the Edit button. Admin can reset dashboards of other users.

On the dashboard:

  • Dashlets can be dragged by the header.
  • Dashlets can be resized by dragging the lower-right corner.
  • Multiple dashboard tabs can be created to group dashlets by their purpose.

System default dashboard

The default dashboard layout will be applied to all new users. It can be changed at Administration > User Interface > Dashboard Layout.

Dashboard Templates

Available for admin at Administration > Dashboard Templates. Dashboard templates provide the ability to deploy a specific dashboard layout to multiple users. It's possible to deploy for all users of a specific team.

Portal dashboard

On the edit view of the portal record, you can define its default dashboard layout. It will be applied to all portal users unless a user has a specific Dashboard Template.

When editing Portal User, you can specify a dashboard template for the user. This template will override the default template of the portal.

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