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Outlook Integration. Email

Note: Before proceeding to this article it's recommended to set up the integration.

Oauth authentication is available in Outlook Integration extension. It provides a secure authentication for Office 365 accounts. With this extension, you won’t need to store your Outlook password in EspoCRM.

Note: At the current moment (June 2020) Oauth for IMAP & SMTP is supported only for Office 365. It doesn't work for regular Outlook accounts.

Note: Requires EspoCRM v5.9.3 or later.

Setting-up email account

Assuming, that the administrator has already set up the integration.

Create a personal or group email account. Specify IMAP and SMTP parameters for Office 365 (hosts: & Leave Password fields empty. Then, save the record.

After that, Outlook panel should appear on the right. You need to click Connect button. A popup will show up asking for a user consent.

Note: You need to be logged in to Outlook as a user to which an email address of the current email account record belongs. For example, if you configure email account for, you need to log in to Outlook as a user who has email address.

After that, you can test imap connection and sent test email to make sure everything works fine.