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Path: metadata > aclDefs > {ScopeName}.

Defines access control parameters for a specific scope (or entity type).


An access checking class. Should implement Espo\Core\Acl\AccessChecker interface.

Can optionally implement more interfaces that define what actions can be checked.

Interfaces for access checking:

  • Espo\Core\Acl\AccessChecker – access to a scope;
  • Espo\Core\Acl\AccessCreateChecker – access to a create operation for a scope;
  • Espo\Core\Acl\AccessReadChecker – access to a read operation for a scope;
  • Espo\Core\Acl\AccessEditChecker – access to an edit operation for a scope;
  • Espo\Core\Acl\AccessDeleteChecker – access to a delete operation for a scope;
  • Espo\Core\Acl\AccessStreamChecker – access to the stream for a scope;
  • Espo\Core\Acl\AccessEntityCreateChecker – access to a create operation for an entity;
  • Espo\Core\Acl\AccessEntityReadChecker – access to a read operation for an entity;
  • Espo\Core\Acl\AccessEntityEditChecker – access to an edit operation for an entity;
  • Espo\Core\Acl\AccessEntityDeleteChecker – access to a delete operation for an entity;
  • Espo\Core\Acl\AccessEntityStreamChecker – access to the stream of an entity.

Combined interfaces:

  • Espo\Core\Acl\AccessEntityCREDChecker – access to create/read/edit/delete of an entity (combined);
  • Espo\Core\Acl\AccessEntityCREDSChecker – access to create/read/edit/delete/stream of an entity (combined).

Default class: Espo\Core\Acl\DefaultAccessChecker.


An ownership checking class.

Should implement one of the following interfaces:

  • Espo\Core\Acl\OwnershipOwnChecker – whether a user is an owner of an entity;
  • Espo\Core\Acl\OwnershipTeamChecker – whether an entity belongs to a user team.

Default class: Espo\Core\Acl\DefaultOwnershipChecker.


The same as accessCheckerClassName but for the portal.


The same as ownershipCheckerClassName but for the portal.

Can implement additional interfaces:

  • Espo\Core\Portal\AclOwnershipAccountChecker
  • Espo\Core\Portal\AclOwnershipContactChecker


An assignment checking class.

Should implement Espo\Core\Acl\AssignmentChecker interface.

Default class: Espo\Core\Acl\DefaultAssignmentChecker.


Indicates what field is used for ownership checking. If an entity uses a field other than assignedUser or assignedUsers, you need to specify that field.


Object.<string, class-string<Espo\Core\Acl\LinkChecker>>

As of v7.4.

Linking/unlinking checking classes for specific links. A link-name => class-string map. The class receives two entities and should determine whether a user is allowed to link/unlink these records.