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VoIP Troubleshooting

In this article:

How to report

  1. Provide an EspoCRM log file with the debug error information.
  2. Provide an error description from the VoIP server side (if you have an access to a debugger or logger).
  3. Provide steps to reproduce the error.
  4. Provide screenshots with:
    1. Administration > Integrations > VoIP integration configs;
    2. Administration > VoIP Routing > Your VoIP number;
    3. Defined phone numbers in the user profile (if a user can't make or recieve a call).
  5. Describe details of this call:
    1. Time of the call;
    2. Caller phone number;
    3. Called phone number.

VoIP error debug

  1. Enable debug mode as described here.
  2. Reproduce an error again.
  3. Get an EspoCRM log file and send it to the support team.

Asterisk: The popup window is not displayed

To be able to make / receive calls with the popup window, please follow these steps:

  1. Configure Asterisk server.

  2. Setup a connector cron job.

  3. Configure user internal number. In some cases, Asterisk server doesn't provide internal number, but you can add other user numbers in his profile.

  4. Run your SIP client.

Now, you can make calls from SIP client or from EspoCRM.