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EspoCRM has the ability to export records to XLSX (Excel) and CSV formats.

How to export

Step 1

On the list view make a search with needed filters and then click Select All Results (from the dropdown, see the screenshot below).

Select all results

Step 2

Click the Actions dropdown, then click Export.

Click Export action

Step 3

The modal window will show up where you can specify export parameters.

Click Export action

You can select specific fields to be exported or check to export all available fields.

Step 4

After clicking the Export button the export, two scenarios are possible.

  • Export will be processed right away and you will receive a prompt to download the file.
  • Export will be proessed in idle (if the number of exported records exceeds the specific threshold). A modal dialog will be shown. After the process is finished, you will be able to download the file.

Access control

Administrator can disable export function for all non-admin users at Administration > Settings > Disable Export.

Also it's possible to control an access to export function via ACL Roles with Export Permission parameter.

CSV delimiter

Users can specify the delimiter for CSV export at Preferences.

The default delimiter for the system can be changed manually in data/config.php, parameter exportDelimiter.

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