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App Params

As of v5.8.

App params are returned by backend once a user logged in. You can use these params in frontend. For example, a build-in param — the list of entity types available for printing to PDF.

Custom app params

You can make the system to return custom parameters. This params can be unique for a current user (different user have different values in params).

Create a file: custom/Espo/Custom/Resources/metadata/app/appParams.json:

    "myParam": {
        "className": "Espo\\Custom\\Core\\AppParams\\MyParam"

Create a file custom/Espo/Custom/Core/AppParams/MyParam.php:

namespace Espo\Custom\Core\AppParams;

// As of v7.2 recommended to implement the \Espo\Tools\App\AppParam interface.

class MyParam
    public function __construct(/** Pass needed dependencies. */)

    public function get(): int
        // ...

        return $someValue;

Clear cache.

In frontend in view you can access your parameter the following way: