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File Storage

By default, all uploaded files (attachments) are stored in data/upload directory. EspoCRM is shipped with AWS S3 support. Developers can add other providers by implementing Espo\Core\FileStorage\Storage interface.

When switching to an external file storage, it's recommended to disable caching for image thumbs by setting in data/config.php:

'thumbImageCacheDisabled' => true',


Parameters need to be set in data/config-internal.php:

  'awsS3Storage' => [
    'bucketName' => 'BUCKET_NAME',
    'credentials' => [
      'key' => 'KEY',
      'secret' => 'SECRET',
    'region' => 'YOUR_REGION',

In data/config.php:

  'defaultFileStorage' => 'AwsS3',

Credentials can be omitted, then they will be read from the environment.

Moving existing attachments

After setting up a file storage, all existing attachments will still be stored locally in data/upload directory. You can move them manually to the storage and then execute the following SQL query:

UPDATE `attachment` SET `storage` = '{StorageName}'

where {StorageName} is a name of the storage, e.g. AwsS3.