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Save error handlers

When a record is being saved, it's possible to throw an exception in the backend and then handle it in the frontend.

In the backend the exception should is thrown with the reason parameter in the body. It can be done from a before-create or before-update record hooks.

Only Conflict and Error exceptions are supported.

use Espo\Core\Exceptions\ConflictSilent;
use Espo\Core\Utils\Json;

throw ConflictSilent::createWithBody(
        'someKey1' => 'someValue1',
        'someKey2' => 'someValue2',


It's also possible to throw exceptions with formula in API before-save script.

Define a handler in metadata.


    "saveErrorHandlers": {
        "myReason": "custom:my-error-handler"

It's also possible to define handlers for all entity types in custom/Espo/Custom/Resources/metadata/clientDefs/Global.json.

Create a handler client/custom/src/my-error-handler.js:

define('custom:my-error-handler', [], function () {

    return class {
        constructor(view) {
            /** @type {module:views/record/detail.Class} */
            this.view = view;

        process(data) {
            Espo.Ui.error('Some error message.', true);

            // Some logic.