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Custom Template Helpers

As of v7.0.

Helpers works for PDF templates and system email templates (Administration > Template Manager).

Create a file custom/Espo/Custom/Resources/metadata/app/templateHelpers.json:

    "myHelper": "Espo\\Custom\\TemplateHelpers\\MyHelper"

Create a file custom/Espo/Custom/TemplateHelpers/MyHelper.php:

namespace Espo\Custom\TemplateHelpers;

use Espo\Core\Htmlizer\Helper;
use Espo\Core\Htmlizer\Helper\Data;
use Espo\Core\Htmlizer\Helper\Result;

class MyHelper implements Helper
    public function __construct(
        // Pass needed dependencies.
    ) {


    public function render(Data $data): Result
        $color = $data->getOption('color');        
        $text = $data->getArgumentList()[0] ?? '';        

        return Result::createSafeString(
            "<span style=\"color: {$color};\">" . $text . "</span>"

Clear cache.

Then in a template you can use:

{{myHelper 'some text' color='#bd318e'}}