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Activities & Calendar

There are three types of activities available in EspoCRM by default:

  • Meetings
  • Calls
  • Tasks

Administrator can create a custom entity of an Event type. Then, at Administration > Settings > Activities, it's possible to set this entity type as an Activity and make it available in Calendar.

There is 'My Activities' dashlet showing actual and upcoming activity records related to the current user.

Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Cases have the Activities panel on the detail view. Custom entities of Base Plus type have the Activities panel as well.

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Meetings & Calls


There are 3 types of attendees supported: Users, Contacts, Leads. For each attendee it's possible to specify acceptance status: Accepted, Tentative, Declined.

There is the ability to send invitation emails to attendees by clicking the button in the top-right corner. Attendees will be able to set their acceptance status by clicking on a corresponding link in the email. The template for invitation emails can be changed at Administration > Template Manager > Invitation.

For events with Not Held status it's possible to send cancellation emails (from the top-right menu) (as of v7.3).


There are two types of reminders: Popup (in-app message) and Email. Reminders will be applied to Assigned User and users specified in Users field.

Default duration

Default duration can be changed by administrator at Administration > Entity Manager > Meetings / Calls > Fields > Duration > Default. It must be specified in seconds.


Date Start and Date Due fields are not required. Dates can be specified with or without time parts.


Reminders field is hidden if Date Due field is empty. It will show up once it's filled in.


Provides the ability to view free & busy time ranges for attendees (users) when scheduling an event. Available for Meetings, Calls and custom entities of Event type.

Scheduler panel can be added or removed at Administration > Layout Manager > select needed entity type > Bottom Panels.

What entity types will be taken into account when showing busy time ranges can be configured at Administration > Settings > Free/Busy Entity List.


Calendar displays Meetings, Calls, Tasks. It's also possible to show custom entities of Event type.

Supported views:

  • Month
  • Week
  • Day
  • Timeline

Users can add Calendar on their dashboard.

It's possible to view calendar of another user (is you have an access determined by roles). Calendar button is available on the user's detail view.

Refreshing calendar

To refresh calendar items you can click on the date range title at the top in the center.

Shared calendar

Users can create custom shared views that will display events of specific teams.


User must have a proper User Permission set in Roles to be able to use shared calendars. Set the permission to team or all.


Shared view displays events of users of the selected team. It doesn't necessary display events assigned to that team (e.g. event is assigned to the team, but doesn't assigned to any user of that team).

Shared view is also available for Timeline view. It allows to view events of multiple users.

Custom entities on calendar

Administrator can create a custom entity of Event type. Then at Administration > Settings > Activities it's possible to set this entity type as an Activity and make it available in Calendar.

For custom entities, by default, Assigned User field determines a user who will see the record on they Calendar. There is a possibility to have multiple assigned users.

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