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Service classes

It's supposed to write business logic in services.

Locations of services:

  • application/Espo/Services/
  • application/Espo/Modules/{moduleName}/Services/
  • custom/Espo/Custom/Services/

Service object is created by the service factory. Usually services are created inside controllers or another services.

Note, that you need to clear cache after creating a service class (file).

To customize an existing service you need to create a class in the custom directory and extend it from the existing one.


Controller custom/Espo/Controllers/Opportunity.php:


namespace Espo\Custom\Controllers;

class Opportunity extends \Espo\Modules\Crm\Controllers\Opportunity
    public function postActionHello($params, $data, $request)
        $service = $this->getContainer()->get('serviceFactory')->create('HelloTest');

        return $service->doSomething($data);

Service custom/Espo/Services/HelloTest.php:


namespace Espo\Custom\Services;

use Espo\Core\Exceptions\BadRequest;
use Espo\Core\Exceptions\Forbidden;
use Espo\Core\Exceptions\NotFound;

class HelloTest extends \Espo\Core\Services\Base
    // What will be injected on service creation
    // List of available injections you can find here:  
    // * application/Espo/Core/Container.php
    // * application/Espo/Core/Loaders
    protected $dependencyList = [

    public function doSomething($data)
        if (!isset($data->id)) throw new BadRequest();

        $em = $this->getInjection('entityManager');
        $acl = $this->getInjection('acl');

        $opportunity = $em->getEntity('Opportunity', $data->id);

        if (!$opportunity) throw new NotFound();        
        if (!$acl->check($opportunity, 'edit')) throw new Forbidden();

        $opportunity->set('stage', 'Closed Won');
        $opportunity->set('probability', 100);


        return $opportunity->getValueMap();

Record service

Operations (CRUD and others) over entities (records) are handled by Record service application/Espo/Services/Record.

If your entity type belongs to a module, you can create its record service in application/Espo/Modules/{moduleName}/Services/ directory. Otherwise the default record service will be used. You can also override existing record services in custom folder.

Main methods:

  • read
  • create
  • update
  • delete
  • find - used by list view
  • findLinked - used by relationship panels
  • massUpdate
  • massDelete
  • findDuplicates
  • loadAdditionalFields - for detail view
  • loadAdditionalFieldsForList - for list view


  • beforeCreateEntity
  • afterCreateEntity
  • beforeUpdateEntity
  • afterUpdateEntity
  • beforeDeleteEntity
  • afterDeletEntity

Service custom/Espo/Custom/Services/Opportunity.php:


namespace Espo\Custom\Services;

use Espo\ORM\Entity;

class Opportunity extends \Espo\Modules\Crm\Services\Opportunity
    // load additional fields for detail view
    public function loadAdditionalFields(Entity $entity)

        // here do some fetching

        $entity->set('myNotStorableField', $someValue);

    protected function afterDeleteEntity(Entity $entity, $data)
        // do something after entity is deleted