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Custom panel on record (detail & edit) view

An example for Account entity type.

Create a file custom/Espo/Custom/Resources/metadata/clientDefs/Account.json:

    "sidePanels": {
        "detail": [
                "name": "myTestPanel",
                "label": "My Test Panel",
                "view": "custom:views/account/panels/my-test-panel",
                "aclScope": "Account",
                "acl": "edit"

We have defined a side panel for detail view. The following views are available:

  • detail
  • edit
  • detailSmall
  • editSmall

You can also define a bottom panel. Use bottomPanels key instead.

The values of parameters aclScope and acl mean, that the panel will be visible only if the user has edit access to Account entity type. You can omit both parameters.

Create a file client/custom/src/views/account/panels/my-test-panel.js:

define('custom:views/account/panels/my-test-panel', ['views/record/panels/side'], function (Dep) {

    return Dep.extend({

        templateContent: '<div>{{viewObject.someKey}}</div>',

        setup: function () {
            this.someKey = 'Hello';

Note, that if you define a bottom panel, you need to extend from views/record/panels/bottom.

See more information about views.