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Path: metadata > app > recordId.

As of v7.4.



A type of generated IDs.

Available types:

  • id – 17-character hex (set by default);
  • uuid4 – UUID v4 (requires setting the length to 36 or using uuid data type).



ID column length. By default, set to 17.



An ID column data type. By default, set to string (equivalent to varchar in MySQL). Changing this parameter will change types of all ID columns once you run rebuild.

In MariaDB (as of v10.7) and PostgreSQL it's possible to use uuid data type.

Beware of setting the uuid data type for instances with data. You will need to migrate all existing ID values to an UUID compatible format (e.g. by applying an MD5 function). Besides database ID columns, you will need to do the same for attachment files and all other references. This may be not a trivial task.

Consider setting the uuid type for new instances. If you do it before installation, no any migration work will be needed.