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Delivery Orders

As of Sales Pack v2.0.

Delivery Orders are used to document products being shipped to customers.

If the Warehouses feature is enabled, every Delivery Order record should be associated with a Warehouse.

Multiple Delivery Orders can be created from a single Sales Order. It may be reasonable when the delivery is split into parts or shipped from different warehouses. The Sales Order should have status Ready or Complete to be able to create a Delivery Order from it.

The following Delivery Order statuses are available:

  • Draft – inventory is soft-reserved;
  • Ready – inventory is reserved;
  • In Progress – inventory is removed from stock;
  • Completed – inventory is removed from stock;
  • Canceled – inventory is unreserved or added back to stock (depending on the previous status);
  • Failed – inventory is removed from stock.

It's possible to lock a Delivery Order. Locking disables the ability to change the status and items.

Access to Delivery Orders is controlled by Roles.

It's possible to print a Delivery Order to PDF and send the PDF in an email.