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Database indexes

Proper database indexes can drastically improve a performance of list view loading, reports, search operations etc.

After changes you need to rebuild database. It's better to do from CLI to avoid timeout issue.

Command to run rebuld:

php rebuild.php

Defining indexes

Indexes are defined in metadata > entityDefs.


For Lead entity type.



    "indexes": {
        "myIndexNameOne": {
            "columns": ["columnName"]   
        "myIndexNameTwo": {
            "columns": ["columnNameOne", "columnNameTwo"]  
        "myUniqueIndexName": {
            "type": "unique",
            "columns": ["id", "columnNameOne", "columnNameTwo"]  

Note: Column names should be in camel case.

You need to run rebuild after changes.

Forcing index usage in ORM

You need to specify an index name in useIndex param.

$query = $entityManager->getQueryBuilder()

$collection = $entityManager->getRDBRepository($entityType)