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Tracking URLs with BPM

Available since since Advanced Pack 2.4.6 and EspoCRM 5.7.12.

It's possible to add links into email body and catch when the recipient clicked on it. It provides the ability to automate an interraction with customers.

Tracking URL can be created at Campaigns > top-right menu > Tracking URLs. Create URL and obtain a generated placeholder (example: {trackingUrl:5d8206aa9d76df4c8}). Use that placeholder as a URL of the link in your email template.

Further in the process flow, you will be able to catch a URL click with Signal Intermediate Event (Catching).

Signal that is broadcasted once the tracking URL with id 'TRACKING_URL_ID' is clicked by a person represented in the system as the entity of 'ENTITY_TYPE' with id 'ID' will be: clickUrl.ENTITY_TYPE.ID.TRACKING_URL_ID. See example below.

Process flowchart example:

BPM Tracking URL

In this example, target entity type is Lead.

Signal name, defined in catching event: clickUrl.Lead.{$id}.5d8206aa9d76df4c8, where 5d8206aa9d76df4c8 is an ID of Tracking URL (can be obtained from the address bar). You need to replace 5d8206aa9d76df4c8 with your ID. {$id} is a placeholder that will be automatically replaced with ID of the Lead.


You can get a downloadable example here.