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Tracking URLs with BPM

Non-unique URL

Available as of Advanced Pack 2.4.6 and EspoCRM 5.7.12.

It's possible to add links into email body and catch when a recipient clicked on it. It provides the ability to automate an interaction with customers.

A Tracking URL can be created at Campaigns > top-right menu > Tracking URLs. Create URL and obtain a generated placeholder (example: {trackingUrl:5d8206aa9d76df4c8}). Use that placeholder as a URL of the link in your email template.

Further in the process flow, you will be able to catch a URL click with Signal Intermediate Event (Catching).

Signal that is broadcasted once the tracking URL with id 'TRACKING_URL_ID' is clicked by a person represented in the system as the entity of 'ENTITY_TYPE' with id 'ID' will be: clickUrl.ENTITY_TYPE.ID.TRACKING_URL_ID. See example below.

Process flowchart example:

BPM Tracking URL

In this example, target entity type is Lead.

Signal name, defined in catching event: clickUrl.Lead.{$id}.5d8206aa9d76df4c8, where 5d8206aa9d76df4c8 is an ID of Tracking URL (can be obtained from the address bar). You need to replace 5d8206aa9d76df4c8 with your ID. {$id} is a placeholder that will be automatically replaced with ID of the Lead.


You can get a downloadable example here.

Unique URL

Available as of Advanced Pack 2.7.0 and EspoCRM 6.1.3.

Useful when an URL must be unique for a specific process. E.g. send an email for a feedback on provided customer support, the email contains unique links to rate quality of support.

A signal clickUniqueUrl.UNIQUE_ID will be broadcasted when URL is opened by a recipient, where UNIQUE_ID will be a generated ID.

Use code {trackingUrl:TRACKING_URL_ID.{$$variableName}} in an email template instead of a URL: , where variableName is a name of the variable where generated ID is stored, TRACKING_URL_ID is an ID of the Tracking URL record (can be obtained from the address bar). The code will be automaticaly substituted with a proper URL when email is sent.


1. Create Tracking URL at Campaigns > top-right menu > Tracking URLs.

2. In BPM: Use an Execute Formula Script action or Script Task to generate a unique and store it to a variable:

$uniqueId = util\generateId();

3. In BPM: Add a Send Message task. Use an email template with a link {trackingUrl:TRACKING_URL_ID.{$$uniqueId}}. Replace TRACKING_URL_ID with the ID of the Tracking URL record. This link is supposed to be clicked by a recipient.

4. In BPM: Use a Signal Catching event with the signal clickUniqueUrl.{$$uniqueId}.