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Console Commands

Clear cache

php clear_cache.php


php rebuild.php

Clears cache, rebuilds database.

Changing user password

php command.php set-password [username]

where [username] is a user name, e.g. admin.


php command.php upgrade

Upgrades EspoCRM instance to the next available version. The upgrade package is downloaded automatically. It may take a few steps to upgrade to the latest version, so you will need to run the same command a few times.



php extension.php path/to/extension/

Installing or upgrading (since v5.9.0):

php command.php extension --file="path/to/extension/"

Uninstalling (since v5.9.0):

php command.php extension -u --name="Extension Name"

Uninstalling by ID (since v5.9.0):

php command.php extension -u --id="extension-ID"

Running job

php command.php run-job JobName

where JobName is an intrernal name of the job you want to run.


php command.php run-job Cleanup
php command.php run-job ProcessMassEmail


Since v5.9.0.

Print the current version:

php command.php version