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Console Commands


As of v7.0 you can run bin/command instead of php command.php.

List of available commands

php command.php

Clear cache

php clear_cache.php


php rebuild.php

Clears cache, rebuilds database.

Hard rebuild

As of v7.4.

php command.php rebuild --hard

Hard database rebuild. It will drop unused columns, decrease exceeding column lengths, fix index names, set proper collations. It won't drop unused tables (consider removing them manually).

Recommended to have a database backup before running hard rebuild.

Changing user password

php command.php set-password [username]

where [username] is a user name, e.g. admin.


php command.php upgrade

Upgrades EspoCRM instance to the next available version. The upgrade package is downloaded automatically. It may take a few steps to upgrade to the latest version, so you will need to run the same command a few times.

See additional parameters here.


Installing or upgrading:

php command.php extension --file="path/to/extension/"


php command.php extension -u --name="Extension Name"

Uninstalling by ID:

php command.php extension -u --id="extension-ID"

Running job

php command.php run-job JobName

where JobName is an internal name of the job you want to run.


php command.php run-job Cleanup
php command.php run-job ProcessMassEmail


Print the current version:

php command.php version

Setting user password

php command.php set-password {username}

where {username} is a user name, e.g. admin.

Creating admin user

As of v7.4.

php command.php create-admin-user {username}

where {username} is a user name, e.g. admin.

Can be useful when you need to run an Espo instance from a repository without the need to go through UI installation.


See here.

App info

php command.php app-info

With this command you can get some information about the application (container services, binding, jobs).