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Example: Dynamic handler for multi-enum fields

See the dynamic handler documentation.

In this example we have two multi-enum fields continents and countries. We will make the logic that depending on selected continents only countries of those continents will be available for selection.

1. Create (or open if exists) a file custom/Espo/Custom/Resources/metadata/clientDefs/YourEntityType.json (YourEntityType is the name of your entity type):

    "dynamicHandler": "custom:my-dynamic-handler"

2. Create a file client/custom/src/my-dynamic-handler.js:

define('custom:my-dynamic-handler', ['dynamic-handler'], function (Dep) {

    return Dep.extend({

        init: function () {


        controlFields: function () {
            let selectedContinentList = this.recordView.model.get('continents') || [];

            let continentList = ['Africa', 'Asia', 'Europe', 'America'];

            let countryMap = {
                'Africa': ['Nigeria', 'Ethiopia'],
                'Asia': ['India', 'Pakistan'],
                'Europe': ['United Kingdom', 'France'],
                'America': ['United States', 'Canada', 'Brazil'],

            let countryList = [];

            for (let continent of selectedContinentList) {
                countryList = countryList.concat(
                    countryMap[continent] || []

            this.recordView.setFieldOptionList('countries', countryList);

3. Clear cache at Administration > Clear Cache.

4. You need to refresh a page in your browser.