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Custom calculations for Quote totals

Note: The same mechanism is also available for Sales Orders and Invoices.


You have added custom fields to quote items or/and quote entity types. You want Total Amount field and other totals to be calculated considering new custom fields.


Server-side calculation

You need to create a custom Hook for the Quote entity type.

Create a new file:


namespace Espo\Custom\Hooks\Quote;

use Espo\ORM\Entity;

class CalculateItems
    public static int $order = 10;

    public function __construct(
        // Define needed dependencies.
    ) {}

    public function beforeSave(Entity $entity, array $options): void
        if (!$entity->has('itemList')) {

        $itemList = $entity->get('itemList');

        $amount = 0.0;
        foreach ($itemList as $item) {
            $amount +=  $item->quantity * $item->unitPrice * $item->factor;
        $entity->set('amount', $amount);

Note: For other entity types, e.g. SalesOrder, do the same but use SalesOrder namespace and file location instead of Quote.

Client-side calculation

In Quote's clientDefs you need to specify custom calculation handler:

File: custom/Espo/Custom/Resources/metadata/clientDefs/Quote.json

    "calculationHandler": "custom:quote-calculation-handler"

Note: For Sales Orders use SalesOrder.json file names. For Invoices use Invoice.json file names.

Create a new file:


define('custom:quote-calculation-handler', ['sales:quote-calculation-handler'], function (Dep) {

    return Dep.extend({

        // Define custom calculations here.
        // Use client/modules/sales/quote-calculation-handler.js as an example.

It's also possible to make certain product fields copied to a quote item on product selection. The logic is determined in selectProduct method.